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Originally posted on KaylaAnn:
Hey Everyone and Happy Spring Break! Any other teachers or students out there exhausted by this semester and so grateful for a week off? Unlike my normal blog parties that only last a weekend, this blog party will be lasting ALL. WEEK. LONG! That’s right! ALL WEEK! I’m hoping to meet some new bloggers and expand…

2019 – Year of Socks!!

Originally posted on The Inner Circle:
Its 2:06 pm warmish I got woken up by Paladin this morning. Thinking he wanted treats at this early hour,I got up and headed down stairs. Except he didn’t follow me down. When I turned to see what was the hold up,he had dragged a calendar,a sock and a wash cloth to the top…

The Best Advice I Ever Received

Originally posted on KaylaAnn:
When I was younger, my mother gave me the best advice I have ever received and I have tried to stick to it all my life. Often times, when I was scared of asking a question, my mother would say: “Ask anyway. The worst thing they can do is say no.” Now, when my mother said…