Author: Darnell Cureton

A middle aged man at the crossroads of life. Expressing my personality through technology and creative writing.

Diary of a bad writer – Week 57

NaNoWriMo progress: – Still writing but not making the desired daily word count. Writing without editing is tough for me. I focus more on the typo than the plot. Still, no matter what my word count is on day 30, it will be more than I had on day 1. That’s a win. – Keep Writing –

YUM-YUM Vampire Hunter

My original fiction was published in The World Of Myth Magazine October’s Halloween themed edition.  If you wish to read it,  (Click Here)        Content Advisory: **Young Adult humor. Scary situations involving a vampire, a vampire hunter, a possessed homeless woman, and a dog named Yum-Yum. One fight scene in a bakery, Gunshots fired at a bat. ** Here’s what…

Skies The Limit

What’s it About? A spooky tale occurring the day before All Hallows Eve. Alfonso Bennett retaliating against a curfew learns a life’s lesson after being affected by a spell that punishes rebellious teenagers. **Young Adult fiction with scary situations and YA-slang. Parental bashing, discussion of magic spells, and one thought of suicide. Eggs fly, but no fists ** (35 Minute…