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A middle aged man at the crossroads of life. Expressing my personality through technology and creative writing.

Where Did That Idea Come From?

  More than once I’ve been asked how I got an idea for a story. Sometimes an idea comes in a flash and I completely write it out. (Pantsing) Most of the time ideas come to me in bits and pieces. (Plot) This post will answer the HOW part of my idea process and mention the person or thing that…

Diary of a bad writer – Week 79

July 7th, lunchtime at work – While reading some of my flash fiction for more ideas, I realized from comments that some readers actually like my work.  Going forward, I will not worry if the writing is good. I will not worry if the writing is read. I will STOP comparing my writing to others. I will be proud that…

8 Questions with…………..writer Darnell Cureton

The Inner Circle Interview with me.

The Inner Circle

It is 1:43 pm
hot/summer/torando sirens

Welcome to “8 Questions with…..”

    I met our next guest,writer and author Darnell Cureton around two years ago at a blogging party. A blogging party is hosted by a person and you are encouraged to come by and read other blogs and share your own. 
   I popped on Darnell’s blog and and was blown away with his writing talent. I hit the “Follow”button and during the course of the weeks after doing so,I started reading Darnell’s writing and commenting. Soon we started commenting and supporting each other’s work. Its always a joy to see a good friend achieve a hard earned goal and I was some happy to find out that Darnell’s work was being published in a magazine which is no mean feat. 
    I have many very talented writer friends who have yet to achieve that so this…

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