Category: Micro Fiction

VINCENT (series) Beach Invitation

  Beach Invitation                                                    Vincent remembered everything to make the evening perfect, just as he had when he proposed to Valerie, fifteen years ago. The same table for two on a private beach with white sand and an orange sunset. A sweet aroma from the open bottle of La Grande Dame Rose, her favorite champagne, mixed with the salty cool ocean…

First-Grade Bedtime

A 50 Word Story – First-grade bedtime. Lights are out. My coat on the chair turns into the mummy. Malfunctioned Wi-Fi turns the nanny cam’s playful green light into the red-eyed demon watching me too. Parlous hours of the night require defense weapons of choice. A blanket pulled overhead and Duracell flashlight. Copyright © 2018 Darnell Cureton. All Rights Reserved.

Not I

  Tulip fresh, honeysuckled breath filling the air. “We need to talk.” Feeling awe in delightful touching, arms outstretched, waiting to be received. “We need a hug.” Mint, cherry, chocolate or swirl, never vanilla. “We need variety to keep things fun.” Lemonade, without a sugar coating. “We need to remember times will get better.” Emotions shaken, not stirred. “We need…