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Diary of a bad writer – Week 87

November 3rd, 5:00pm – I found an article on how authors handle rejection letters. My way of handling it was not listed. I say consider any positive suggestions that might make the work better, then discard the rest. Writers don’t want negativity. We want readers to suspend their imaginations. In the meantime, GET TO WORK sending your poem, manuscript, or…

First Rejection Letter From Publisher

October 27th, A New Day – It’s a rite of passage. Every writer gets them.  I proudly display mine.  January 2020, I got my first one. The rejected story I wrote, “A Brave Night Out” will be posted on Halloween this Saturday. My First Rejection Letter, Printed And Placed On A Wall Dear Darnell,   Many thanks for sending your…

Diary of a bad writer – Week 85

October 13th, 5:00am. – This morning sleep has not been easy. My mind wonders if writing matters. I’m confident in my ability, but sometimes we need validation. I Matter. You Matter. Our Writing Matters. Just Keep Writing! His Story Will Be Revealed On All Hallows Eve- October 31st