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Diary of a bad writer – Week 36

June 11th, 10:00am – A fellow blogger/writer/author mentioned that a reader said her characters were flawed. I say use anything positive from complainers and trolls and throw the rest away.  Continue to cook your fiction the way it tastes good to you.   You Are A Writing Chef. The Way You Prepare Your Work, Not Everyone Will Like It- No…

Diary of a bad writer – Week 35

  June 4th, 6pm – Just finished a long commute home from work. Can’t write at the moment. I’m tired and ready for bed now. Sometimes life events take me out of my creative mood. When this happens, I think about why I wanted to write in the first place:   To speak to an audience while taking a burden…

Diary of a bad writer – Week 34

Two writing programs I use to keep mistakes at a minimum and improve my writing style are Grammarly and the Hemingway Editor. Between the two of them, I won’t use one word because I forgot the spelling of another. What do you use?