Neighborly by Ellie Monage


Neighborly, by Ellie Monago, received lots of reviews for and against the book. I decided to pick up a copy and decide myself.  Synopsis:

Kat and Doug felt like Aurora Village was the perfect community. Minutes from the city, affluent without pretension, low crime with a friendly vibe—it’s everything Kat never had, and that she’s determined to provide for her infant daughter. Snagging a nice bungalow in this exclusive enclave was worth all the sacrifice. But everything changes overnight when Kat finds a scrawled note outside their front door.

That wasn’t very neighborly of you”. This was one of many cryptic notes left on Kat’s door. We readers get to play who done it for most of the novel as Kat investigates the notes, and who slipped her a Mickey on a girls night out.  I’m going to say right now that I give the book 3 out of 5 stars because of the enticing story of everyone having secrets, and the open invitation to participate in what amounts to neighbors with benefits. There is a spreadsheet to document who does what, when, and with whom.

I’d ask where this place is, but probably be told its in the A/V, an abbreviation Kat used for Aurora Village more than  Lou Diamond Phillips said the ‘RES’ instead of Reservation on the series Longmire.

In the end, I couldn’t suspend my belief that everything had wrapped up in a nice bow. A shooting was involved, so I find it hard to see the A/V cop (oops, I’m doing it now) squaring it away downtown. Also, Doug and Kat made the universal couple mistake of not communicating with each other. That caused half the problems in their marriage. Last, Kat was a whiner through the whole book. It was tough hearing /reading her many indecisions.

OK, Did I like the book? Well, yeah. I loved to hate Kat, even though she was the most innocent one.

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