Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage


Like a few books I’ve read, I picked Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage because it received mixed reviews about the content. This thriller is not for everyone. ‘Baby Teeth’ is about the parental fear of having a truly evil child.

All children will test their boundaries. They will at time misbehave. Zoje Stage’s mind gave birth to a creepy, evil little girl with terrifying abhorrent behavior.

Hanna Jensen is 7 years old and pretends to be mute. Her parents Alex and Suzette have subjected Hanna to many tests fearing she has a physical disability, but this is all a game. Her silence anguishes her mother to Hanna’s delight.

Hanna has been kicked out of three preschools and two kindergarten schools for bad behavior, forcing Suzette to homeschool. Constantly being with an unruly child cause’s Suzette to wish Hanna was never born, an unforgivable thought that Hanna picks up on and makes mommy pay.

Suzette suffers from Crohn’s disease. A complication from surgery left her with a fistula, an opening in her intestine that oozed waste. It’s under control now, until someone starts to tamper with her medication. Mommy will pay…

When Hanna is not terrorizing her mother, she’s a sweet angel to her father. His daughter can do no wrong. His blindness encourages Hanna to use sophisticated tricks so she can live happily ever after with daddy. When Alex is not around, Hanna plays her favorite game, ‘scare mommy.’ She steps up the game when she thinks mommy is interfering with the bond between her and daddy. There is not enough room in the house for Hanna and mommy.

Is it possible for a child to be a psychopath? After reading about the horrors of Hanna, I say yes!  I give this scary novel 5 stars.

5 Stars


Zoje (ZOH-yuh) Stage is a writer and former filmmaker. If you’d like to find out more about her and her book, check out her Blog.

Her real emotional state after getting published!       Zoje Stage



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