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Keep’m Coming!

Happy New Year Everyone! You will hear that for the next week or two from everyone so get used to it.  ☺️ (lol) As I mentioned last year, I was nominated for two additional awards, so I’ll use them to tell followers more about me and my writing over the next few weeks.  I’ll start with One Lovely Blog Award. Britney…

2019 – Year of Socks!!

Originally posted on The Inner Circle:
Its 2:06 pm warmish I got woken up by Paladin this morning. Thinking he wanted treats at this early hour,I got up and headed down stairs. Except he didn’t follow me down. When I turned to see what was the hold up,he had dragged a calendar,a sock and a wash cloth to the top…

A Blogmas Thought

Peace And A Time To Reflect – Before They Arrive At My Sisters Home Before We Head Into 2019, Let Us Reflect On Our Accomplishments Past Instead Of Running ANGST For Future Endeavors  – Stop – Sip Some Egg Nog (coffee for me) And Enjoy A Time Of Peace, Physically And Mentally.