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Diary of a bad writer – Week 24

March 12th, 1:00pm – Still receiving comments on my last short fiction. That’s great. Question is what if I fail to generate the same buzz on the next story? March 12th, 2:30pm – I found the answer to my question in a quote from Ray¬† Bradbury – yeah, just write.

Diary of a bad writer – Week 23

March 4th 5:00pm (At home after whiteout blizzard conditions) – Found an old cassette tape with mixed DJ music. It had no label on the media, but I knew it was something I created once I listened to a few songs. I had my own style of mixing and scratching beats. I’m finding my writing has the same edge to…

JB Is In ‘Fashion’

I call him JB, after the protagonist in my fiction “Anything For My Followers.” His grey and white fur blend nicely with the special made T-shirt that for years was called ‘wife beaters.’ JB, like me, loves Tees as our fashion statement. Make your fashion statement over at The Little Mermaids site. Here you can Meet, Mingle, and show off…