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Diary – Snippets of writing encouragement posted weekly called diary of a bad writer

Diary of a bad writer – Week 85

October 13th, 5:00am. – This morning sleep has not been easy. My mind wonders if writing matters. I’m confident in my ability, but sometimes we need validation. I Matter. You Matter. Our Writing Matters. Just Keep Writing! His Story Will Be Revealed On All Hallows Eve- October 31st

Diary of a bad writer – Week 84

October 6th, 9:00pm. (just before bed) – I’ve had a good day. Focusing on the things I can control kept the day productive. I will do the same tomorrow as I make the time to write, read fiction, like bloggers content, and comment. Set your mind to do something positive, and make it happen. Always remember – YES YOU CAN!…