Fear TWD – Making Those Characters Believable

Fear TWD

(For the fans of the walking dead and fear the dead!)

The pilot episode which aired last night was slow moving, but had lots of character setup and development. I like the fact that I didn’t know who these people were and wondered If I would ever come to love them. The same could be said about our beloved group in the original series The Walking Dead.

Looking back on the first few episodes of that series, I had no love for Rick, Carl, Carol, Michonne, Maggie or beloved Daryl. It took more episodes and a few seasons to develop a genuine emotion for the characters.

I feel it will be the same way with Fear The Walking Dead. My plan is to observe how the writers spoon feed us, the viewers, with the personalities of each new character. They will mold them into some that we love, hate, desire, or just plan old want to forget about. Armed with that information, I plan to develop the characters in my next draft of Strong Decision. I want them to come alive and be loved, or hated.  Let’s look at what we know now about some of the new faces. For this blog, I will only use the character names.

Travis Manawa – english teacher, and live in boyfriend of Madison Clark. Travis is divorced and has a teen son that resents him for the divorce and leaving his mom. Travis is a romantic, trying to fix his new dysfunctional family and help his son.

Madison Clark – guidance counselor, mom of two teens, girlfriend of Travis. She is a strong no nonsense adult role model, helping her teens through growing up issues and drugs.

Nick Clark – the teen son of Madison. Has been in rehab most of his teen life. He has a small bond to Travis, but  keeping his promise to stay away from drugs, he always fails.

Alicia Clark – the teen daughter of Madison. Has been described as the brainy one. Getting good grades and bound for Berkeley college, she is ready to use that ticket to get away from family issues. Standoffish to Travis, she is waiting for him to leave her mom so she could say “I told you so”.

Chris Manawa – teen son of Travis. Refuses to visit his dad and wants nothing to do with Nick, Madison’s son. Boarding on disrespecting his parents, he would rather sulk with his mom than try to patch up a relationship with his dad.

Just one episode and we get the dynamic of the new Manawa and Clark household! Now the question is how much do I feel for these characters? I’m not sure yet, but I can do a lot with this information to help me strengthen my character  SAIU in the Strong Decision draft.









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