Who is Smarter, 5 or 50???

I had to do laundry this fine past weekend…it was 67 degrees Fahrenheit, on a December afternoon in Northern New Jersey, Yea! Laundry duty is boring, a chore made much more unbearable if you must leave the house to do it. (I live in a studio apartment) At the laundromat, I observed a little girl pester mom for coins. The little cutie wanted to get gumdrops from a fancy dispenser just her height.

She carefully inserted a coin, turned the knob while holding the dispenser lid tight until all the treasured gumdrops slid down the shoot, to be retrieved by her hand, catching every one.

I didn’t know this action should be done by professionals only, until I observed a woman of middle age try the same technique. She sauntered up to the dispenser, clearly towering over the little lonely gumdrop machine. A coin was inserted, the knob was turned, and the gumballs slide down the shoot, only to fall furiously to the tiled floor not so far away. Cursing under her breath, she tried again, this time holding the latch to catch the gumdrops and satisfy her sweet tooth. Seems to me the young girl of limited years invested her mothers money wisely and shared her fortune with her brother, who watched on the side.

The middle aged woman, with her many years of knowledge wasted part of her resources to the wastelands of tiled floor. So….who had the wisdom of the day? I should write about this some day.


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