Your Voice, on Google- why not?

If you have a Google account, check out this link:
For all you happy tech geeks and Android phone lovers you will be able to listen to ALL the audio searches performed on your mobile .
I’m not paranoid, but that is creepy! I checked it out and was surprised how clear My voice sounded. No mistake, I cant deny its not me.
People like my father and sister, who have no idea about technology, how it works, or how it holds on to whatever you do, would lose it if they knew!
In reality, I only care about keeping friends out of stuff, not the government, or Google. So what if Google has this stuff. If it helps me in my love of tech,
I embrace it, just like Leo on TWIT.TV. One day last year a friend came over to my place. I told him  to feel “at home,” my general policy.
Well he grabbed my cable remote and started surfing for something to watch. No problem there, however he eventually went into my viewing history and “reviewed all of my movie rentals, Pay Per Views, Netflix movie queue, and what was scheduled to record on my DVR.  Most of this was completed before I realized, so I never called him on it.
After all, I had nothing in there that I didn’t want someone to see. (or I would have had to dispose of him without trace)But the issue for me was, it never should have been viewed by friends without my consent in the first place.
So on GP, I mostly keep my web viewing and histories cleared, internal/external drives locked , and any histories on my many devices deleted. So what if my ISP knows what websites I visit and how often? So what if Google has my voice search history saved for analytics?  long as “friends” don’t get their judging hands on the data, I’m good.

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