Remember To Give Thanks

Before settling down in my hotel room in Lansing MI, I decided to give a shout out to Delta Airlines for getting me here from Newark Airport, in one piece. Between global warming bringing unpredictable weather conditions, and unstable passengers firing weapons of mass destruction in luggage pickup areas, I wondered if I would get here.

A character I’m creating is celebrating a sales award in Minneapolis. The first thing Elsa does is send out a tweet thanking the airline for getting her to her destination. I decided to do the same in real life, as no one remembers the positive, just the negative.

That put me in positive mood for this years Capital City Writers Association workshop. Master story teller Michael Hauge will discuss his craft on story mastery, and crafting powerful scenes. Two days of writing workshops to help me and members of CCWA”Finish The Damn Book” (our ongoing theme)

Everyone cant be a master writer, however I’m giving thanks that I can meet one and be able to use some of his skills in my writing.

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