Allie and Bea – by Catherine Ryan Hyde


Lets talk about “Allie and Bea”, Catherine Ryan Hyde’s best seller on Amazon.  Bea, a senior, loses what little she has after falling for a telephone scam. Unable to pay for her trailer home, she sets off on the road in an old converted pastry van. (she converted, no skills)

At the same time, fifteen year old i-Generation Allie, is sent to a group home after both parents are jailed for tax fraud. Within 24 hours she has her personal items stolen, and barely escaped being sold to a human trafficking  ring. Fate brings Allie and Bea together. The two, much the odd couple, must overcome their mutual distrust to help each other. Both start on a physical journey up the East Coast, but also on a symbolic one, as they learn life lessons from strangers along the way.

My first impression of Bea – Bea is down on her luck but that’s no excuse for stealing an i-phone or pretending that you have been a victim of an elderly mugging to get sympathy and gas money  from potential do-gooders.

My first impression of Allie – A former well to do teenager that is very much like other teens. She has had a silver spoon in her mouth for most of her life, not realizing the life she had was one of white privilege. To others she looked like a spoiled brat that wanted her suitcase and 30 dollar socks.  To herself, and I felt the same, she was just a kid with special dietary needs jammed up in the system.

There is a lot of bad that can happen in the world. The average person can only handle so much. Allie was put in a position that made her see the world for the first time, without the protection of her parents . It was heart breaking to read her going through so much, but relief came as she was able to overcome most of her adversities.  Hyde painted a true picture of the struggles seniors have just making ends meet. I’m glad that Hyde didn’t fix all the issues in the lives of Allie and Bea. Showing the thoughtfulness of people when someone is truly in need gave Bea  a new outlook on life. (and me as well) Given the chance, people will be kind and helpful. The kindness shown through their ordeal will stay with me and ensure I “pay it forward” when the time comes.

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  One thought on “Allie and Bea – by Catherine Ryan Hyde

  1. November 26, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    I often enjoy ‘unlikely friendship’ stories, and it sounded like despite it’s flaws this book had a positive emotional impact on you. I think it might be something I’m interested in reading in the future; nice, thoughtful review. 🙂

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