My Soul To Keep – by Tananarive Due

my soulT due2

Our lives are so short on Earth. Its best to spend the best years with family, friends and enjoy life. The only problem is when we realize this fact, we may have lost many dear ones in our lives. We may be close to our death or have health issues. But what if we could remain healthy and young, never fearing death? What if the only real threat to our existence is someone knowing that we are immortal?

Author Tananarive Due painted a wonderful picture of an African man blessed with life eternal, after a harrowing ritual. He saw first hand black people thrive in their homeland, with wealth and at peace. Viewed the horrors of slavery and the wonder of being a free man. A man meeting and listening to musical greats as Beethoven and Louis Armstrong. Learning many languages and historical events told to classes in the first perspective. The novel, My Soul To Keep, tells the story of a beautiful young black woman that falls for a man that seems too perfect, older than she, yet just as youthful.

Blessing turns to a curse as her man reveals his immortal secret to her. This forbidden truth told to her summons the Searchers, other brothers given the task to murder mortals that become aware of their power to live forever.

This urban fantasy tells a love story about an African man that has suffered much loss because of the gift and the disastrous results of a ritual performed to save the newest mortal loved ones in his life. Prepare to have your heart strings pulled!

Our allegiance to the main character is challenged, as he appears hero and villain to the people he loves. This is the beginning of the immortal series, which gains momentum with each installment.   Wonderful story!

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