Gone, gone, gone….lost at Amazon


I’ve been a member of the big giant since 2007. For the most part, my dependence on them has grown to the point- if I need it, I just go to Amazon. You need 100% coconut oil for internal and external health, go to Amazon. You need a 6 inch long lighter that can safely light the barbecue grill, go to Amazon.

If I need anything else, I go to those guys. Add Amazon Prime membership for $120.00 per year. Now I have Prime streaming music service, Amazon video, a streaming service that also has original content, and Amazon Kindle first book – get a new book once a month at no charge. For just a few dollars more (I’m thinking Clint Eastwood here) I added unlimited books to read ten at a time. All this, and free shipping too. Life is good……

The shipping part….not so good. At least lately. My problems started when I wanted to get a home phone system. My dad is up in age and I thought it advisable to have a phone land line in case of emergencies. Also, the phone should have a intercom feature so he could call to any room I placed a phone. I decided on five locations in the house. I ordered a phone through Amazon with a two day delivery. (3 days was free but I wanted it on my day off to set up)

The nightmare started with the courier leaving the package at my home, with no signature. This was during the Christmas holiday season, so you know what happened. After I had a chat with customer service, Amazon refunded the cost of the phone to me. I won that round. After all, who leaves packages unattended during the holidays?

I ordered some other items. This time I sent them to my Post Office box. It was inconvenient, but at least it would be delivered…or so I thought.

It seems my packages have gone to hell – I now receive an “Attempted delivery, no one to sign for it…at the Post Office! After 3 strikes, yes this happened 3 times ( I have the emails to prove it) I decided to blog about it. If I need something right away, I use another company, like Best Buy. If I can stand the wait, I go through Amazon. But so far, 3 out of 5 packages receive an  “Attempted delivery” and get lost from there. I receive a refund or promo limbo hell. That’s how deep I’m in. The thing is, I don’t want the refund, I want the package.

Here’s a copy of my last live chat:

Me: I keep asking this question, but have never gotten an answer that I understand. Why do my packages go back with the courier? The address is a Post Office Box. The stuff should be left there. Why dont they leave it inside with the other deliveries?Order# 113-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx Where is it???????????????????

Shriram:Hello, my name is Shriram. I’m here to help you today.I am extremely sorry for the trouble caused, please allow me a minute to help you out with this.I am contacting the carrier for this.As I can see USPS tracking says: Delivery attempted – Signature is required or unable to find secure location. It means the package was not left at the post office because it requires signature however if you want I can contact the carrier and ask them to redeliver it at the post

Me: I want All packages delivered to the Post Office. I don’t require a signature there. I send them to the Post Office because its safe and because I cant sign for it. I’m at work. How do I ensure all packages get dropped off inside the Post Office with the other deliveries for the day?

Shriram:I am contacting the carrier and I will leave a note with them insuring that all packages are dropped inside the post office.

Me:Thank you. What about this delivery?

Shriram:I am working on it, please allow me a minute.

I have successfully contacted the carrier for this and this item’s delivery would also be done in the Post Office only Darnell

Me:Thank you for your help

Shriram: You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?Also in order to compensate for this i will issue a $15 promotional credit to your account Darnell Please accept this as a token of apology I hope this helps!

Me:Please send a transcript of this chat to my email please.

I like making nice, but all I want are my packages. Will see how they handle the next order. If they drop the ball, not much I can do if…… I want those optional services.



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