Xbox Flight Simulator…anyone?

Playing XBox is not relaxing… for me. All the games I’ve played were designed to get your adrenaline up and heart pumping with boxing, racing, dancing or combat simulations. That’s all well and good, but Id like to have a nice boring flight simulator. The game would allow me to take off from the airport in one country and land in another, in real time. During such a flight, I should be able to put the plane on autopilot, while I clean the house, cook dinner and listen to music from my Spotify account. Amazon Alexa would be my co-pilot. Alexa would read me a book, as I occasionally look at my HDTV to check flight coordinates. Oh, Yawn…..Hey Id like it!

My dangers would be avoiding mountains, other planes, negotiating landings, and takeoffs. This, of course, would be the novice setting. For a more robust flight, I’d switch to intermediate.  Now I’d have more control of the planes instruments, wing flaps, and landing gear. Emergency landing’s par for the course. Switching to expert mode would be a no-no. In this mode, Id have passengers trying to break in the cockpit, a bloodthirsty zombie biting crewmembers, and terrist’s firing surface to air missiles taking me down.

I can have any combination of that in games on the market now. It drives me crazy to have to defend myself with rapid firing machine guns, air to air, and air to ground missiles. All that for a flight from New Jersey to New York. Give me a break! I just want to fly quietly and land without all the drama. In gameplay, cant we all just get along?








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