Describing Love with all Five Senses

Using ALL of your senses to describe love. Wonderful insight to repost.

Invisible World

What does love taste like? What does it smell like?

Love doesn’t have a taste or smell, you might say. But if you look a bit closer, you’ll realize it does. It smells like your boyfriend’s cologne. It tastes like the peanut butter cookies your wife makes you, even though she hates peanut butter.

Love is one of those things that is difficult to explain in your writing without using cliches. You hear the same lines over and over when reading a romantic scene in books. His eyes sparkled like the stars. Her lips were as red as roses. Her whole body burned like fire at his touch. Her lips on his made the world stop.

These saying stop having an affect on readers because they, or some variant, are used so often. But how do you break out of the cliche and get your readers to feel what your character…

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