Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil

Silent Child Cover

The subject matter in Silent Child, by Sarah A. Denzil will be disturbing for most. Parents with children the same age will find it heartbreaking. Empathising with the protagonist is inevitable.

Emma Price, a young mother living with her parents, receives a call from school to pick up her boy Aiden. Severe rainfall and flooding have shut the school down. Arriving at the school Emma finds that her 6-year-old son has wandered off alone.

A frantic search around the school turns up nothing. Later, the jacket he was wearing is found in the river. He is presumed dead. Emma is in a bad place mentally and it takes years for her to move on.

Ten years later, her parents have passed away. Emma is married and expecting another child. Things are going well for her in her life until receiving a phone call from the police urging her to go to the hospital immediately. Her son, now a teenager, has been found!

Questions abound, without many answers. Stricken with psychological mutism, Aiden is unable to tell what has happened to him. We know bad things happened but we are spared the graphic details of his trauma thanks to the wonderful writing of the author.

What we do get is the psychological suspense of what happens after Aiden comes home. Her husband and ex-boyfriend who’s now back in her life complicate matters. Aiden is a broken teen, but is he dangerous? Will he hurt Emma’s newborn? Can Emma reconnect with her son? Will we find his kidnapper?  This is a good solid suspense/mystery/thriller.

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  One thought on “Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil

  1. August 19, 2018 at 1:18 am

    This sounds like something I might like to read. I like the dark psychological stuff, and books with page-turner type premises are always good. 🙂


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