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***Note – Mature themed story***


Darren pushed the shopping cart behind his mother slowly, letting her get ahead in the aisle. While she checked for can vegetables on sale, he grabbed a box of Advil liquid gels from the shelf and popped 3 in his mouth. He washed it down with a bottle of spring water from the case he put in the cart earlier. Pain in his upper thigh and the muscle between his thumb and index finger throbbed too much to wait until he got home. Finishing the water in a few gulps he threw the empty bottle in the cart with the unused Advil. He held his long-sleeved shirt over his wrist while pushing the shopping cart, trying to hide an injury no one was looking at.

“Want my cane? You’re walking slower than an old lady,” Ginny told her son.

“Mom, when I’m with you, I have two speeds, slow and stop. Which one do you prefer?”

“Are you calling me old?” she replied, answering a question with a question, her mood playfully. Ginny enjoyed the time she spent with her only child. At thirty-five, he was still her baby boy. He seldom missed their Wednesday shop night.

“I never said you were old ma. If anything you’re still a spring chicken,” he told her with a smile, happy to be spending time at her side. He stepped up his involvement with her when his dad passed away two years ago.

“A 70-year-old and spring got nothing to do with each other,” she said, loading her cart with green vegetables. No corn or potatoes from the can.

“That’s funny ma, I’ll sell that joke to a comedy club,” he told her. His phone made the usual beep to alert him to a new text message.

‘Since I’m a nurse, we can really play doctor. See you tomorrow.’ A message from Linda, the girl that surprised him by asking him out. He met her at the cardiologist’s office on a follow-up visit with his mother. She approached him and asked him out after just a little conversation. ‘That never happened before,’ he thought. He was average-looking at 6 foot 1 ½, 230 buff pounds courtesy of World Gym but felt he was not handsome.  ‘She sees something in me I don’t,’ he thought, trying hard to stay positive about himself.

“Earth to Darren, earth to Darren, it’s not polite to play with your phone when people are speaking to you,” Ginny said in a sing-song voice.

“Oh, sorry ma. I was deciding if I was going to the gym tomorrow,” he lied. He wondered if Linda chose him because her Korean mother was in a good relationship with a black man.

“I have everything I need, let’s go. Oh dear, all the checkout lines are long. Why don’t they have a line for seniors? You would think some hotshot on wall street might figure that out.”

“Yeah ma, I can see it now, this line is ten items or less, this line is credit cards only, and this line is for seniors. Guess who would be the first to complain about being labeled a senior?” Darren asked.

“If you mean me, I might complain, but I’d be the first one out,” Ginny said.



At 5 pm Darren left his job at Liberty Trust Credit Union and started his commute home. The drive was about 45 minutes. Anything under an hour was ideal since his last job at Citi Bank took over two hours. He made it home by 6:00, jumped in the shower, and put on fresh clothes. He left for Linda’s place at 7:30, and found visitor parking space 13, the one she reserved for him. Her apartment was on the 5th floor. A slow walk up the staircase would put him in time for his 8:00 pm date with Linda Choi.

At 5 foot 2 in heels, her head barely reached his chest. Her caramel-colored skin looked tasty as candy. Shoulder-length hair, manicured finger, and toenails hinted high maintenance, which he guessed she could handle with a nurse’s salary. Grey contacts completed the dream. She was exotic. Her unusual looks earned the name. He knocked on her door. She opened it before his hand had time to move down to his side.

“I thought you’d chicken out,” she said standing seductively at the door wearing a yellow mini-dress with black embroidery. A plunging v-neckline exposed her small breasts as she gestured to come in. The embroidery rubbed against her large nipples, keeping them erect.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Darren said, standing in the doorway taking in her appearance. His heart raced while his eyes examined her body from head to toe. She wore 3-inch heels to match the dress and new contacts that resembled cat eyes. He was taken aback, but his heart still raced.

“Most guys don’t show up for another date…after we do the wild thing.” She said.

“Really? Wonder why?” he lied. He wanted to say because you bite bitch, but didn’t want to spoil the mood.

“Maybe they can’t handle a woman that knows what she wants,” she answered. “Don’t just stand in the hallway, come inside and we can discuss all the whys,” she purred calling him in. Darren walked in, looked around, and headed to the living room. A large 60-inch HDTV was mounted on a wall over a fake fireplace that looked real at first glance. He sat on the sofa. The TV was playing a sports channel which put him at ease.

“What’s cooking? Smells really good.”

“Come take a look.”

After his last encounter with Linda, he reluctantly strolled into the kitchen, deeper into her maze. The food, in glass pots, was warming on the stove. A sweet smoky aroma immediately filled his nose as he sat in a stool chair too small for his size. She dipped her finger in the sauce on the stove. Slowly she put the sweet mixture on his lips then pushed her finger into his mouth. He sucked it clean.

“Mmmm,” he said, kissing the finger that excited his taste for her.

“That’s a marinade made from Asian pear, soy, and raw sugar. I made Bulgogi. It’s Korean-style Barbecue beef, served over steamed rice, and Kongnamool, soybean sprouts. White wine for me and very sweet iced tea for you,” she said standing in front of him blocking his view of the stove.

“Do you want to eat the main meal now, or would you rather have dessert first?” she asked, allowing the dress to fall off her body to her ankles. She stepped out of it and straddled him wearing only heels. He put his hands on her tiny waist and drew her breast to his mouth. She moaned with pleasure allowing him to enjoy her taste before pulling his mouth free from her nipple. She kissed his mouth, driving her tongue deep while allowing him to do the same to her. She gasped for air, breathing heavily. Her hot breath went into his mouth.

Standing, she grabbed his arm, pulling the big man towards her bedroom. This was the thing he wanted and also dreaded. The last time he was in her bedroom she bit the crap out of his thigh.  When he reacted, he got another bite in the muscle between his thumb and index finger for his troubles.

“We have to talk,” he told her, still being lead like Pied Piper.

“No we don’t,” she insisted. “I told you before, I’ll do whatever you want in bed. I’m your fantasy fuck girl. In turn, you do what I like. Whatever I like. That’s the deal,” she said taking off his shirt as they entered her bedroom. She pushed him down on the bed in heels, unbuckling his pants belt.

’This little woman is taking my clothes off!’ he thought. Wife beater and boxer shorts left. He was in a trance. His mind told him to push her off, get his clothes and leave, but he couldn’t. The sex was too good. It was going to happen again.

She ripped the wife beater from his body exposing ripped abs. With his boxers pulled down to his ankles, she filled her mouth with his member. He moaned with pleasure, then started to shiver.

“Don’t… bite…….no, please!” he pleaded, his pleasure turned to anxiety. Afraid to move, he waited for the pain. She was going to bite, he expected this. It’s her way for the sexual pleasure he thought.

“Mmm,” she moaned in satisfaction, kissing, stroking his sex hard again. “Let’s make a deal. I won’t bite you…here,” she said still stroking, “as long as you turn over on your stomach and let me have my way,” she said before taking him deep in her mouth again.

“Ohhh..yes lord yes. OK, I’ll turn over,” Darren was just able to say before she brought him over the edge. He couldn’t hold back. His body jerked as his fluid flowed from him into her mouth. Sucking him like a straw caused involuntary spasms as he fought to keep from pulling her off his sensitive organ.

“Mmm. My turn cowboy. Turnover,” she softly coaxed him.

“Just on the back, I have to work tomorrow,” Darren pleaded again as he gave in to her desire. ‘I can’t believe what I’m doing,’ he thought while mentally preparing for her strike. She rubbed her body against his in a rolling up-and-down motion. Spooning him, heat from her breath found his earlobe, before her tongue.

“Back Linda back, not my ear,” he ordered, agitated payment for his pleasure was due.

“Stop talking, no negotiating. Hands-on bedpost,” she commanded. His hands shook with nervous anticipation as he grabbed the bedpost. His muscular triceps flexed as she bit hard just below his underarm. An anguished howl came from Darren as he lost his grip on the post, her body on top of him preventing his hands from protecting the wound.

“Hands-on bedpost, hands-on bedpost!” the demand lost to both of them as she bit into his shoulder. Teeth deep in flesh, she tasted blood. She held on as his body shook, bladder releasing urine, wetting the sheets. Nipples rubbing his back, she delighted in his humiliation. The spider had her prey. Her sex was moist, ready for the climax. She released her bite and rubbed her clit on his leg as an orgasm took over. Waves of pleasure swept through her as she continued the motion. She spooned him, letting her hair rest on his body.

“Mmm. That was good,” she whispered in his ear. “When you come by the next time, we’ll use handcuffs. You almost didn’t keep your part of the bargain.”

“No next time,” Darren said pushing her aside and getting off the bed. “Can’t believe I pissed myself,” he said coldly gathering his clothes. T top ruined, he opted to just put on his boxers without the wife beater. He put on his shirt and pants. “That shit hurt,” he growled, looking for his shoes.

“Have some wine with me. We’ll eat dinner and talk about it, she said, cat eyes looking through him.

Darren stared back saying nothing. He broke contact first walking out of the room.

“At least let me clean you up first. I admit I did bite harder than I should have but you kept moving, interfering with my pleasure.” She put on a robe but kept her stiletto’s on. “This is about me. It’s what I want. What I do. You men do the same thing. Go from woman to woman taking what you want and then leaving. I do the same. But I don’t leave. I stay. I stay Darren,” she said in a cryptic voice.

“I have to clear my head. I’ll call…..tomorrow,” he maintained, car keys in hand. “Goodnight.”



Darren decided to call out sick. He treated the bite just below his armpit with alcohol, antibacterial cream, and band-aids. The bite on his shoulder was harder to reach so he showered to flush the wound. The alcohol sting made him flinch when he poured some directly on the bite area. After the initial sting, the coolness on the wound felt good. ‘Infected,’ he thought. Do I go to the hospital, or tough it out? He took 3 Advils.

“Damn bitch.”

His phone rang with the familiar ringtone that he used for his mother. ‘What was wrong now?’ He thought.

“Hi ma, how are you, what’s wrong?” he asked concerned but pleasant as possible.

“I’m fine son, just fine. Could you pick up my blood pressure pills? I forgot to get the refill when we were out,” she said.

“Sure ma, no problem. It’s almost noon. I’ll stop by in an hour. I didn’t go to work today.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. If I did I would have sent her over to your place,” Ginny said.

“Sent who to my place ma?” he said as anxiety began hitting him in waves.

“That new girl Linda your dating. She stopped by here an hour ago. Wanted to drop dinner at your apartment as a surprise, but I decided not to give her the spare keys to your apartment. I told her to leave it with me. I’d have you pick it up after work today.

Since you are home you might as well come over for lunch. I tasted her food. She’s a great cook. Better keep this one Darren.”

“How did she get your address ma?” He shivered, now terrified.

“I thought you gave it to her.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember now,” he lied. “We were meeting there but changed our minds.”

‘She must have gotten the address during the doctor’s visit,’ Darren thought.

“Well don’t change your mind about this one. I like her,” Ginny said. She left some vitamins for you I forgot to mention. She said to take one a day until you finish all of them. There aren’t not many here. What is this? Some sex pill or something? I wasn’t born yesterday you know.”

‘Antibiotics he guessed.’ The last thing she told him was I don’t leave. He cringed.

“Ma, I’m thirty-five. I don’t need a sex pill. If she said vitamins, then that’s what they are.”

“Okay, don’t get defensive. Their vitamins. Don’t forget to pick up my refill,” Ginny reminded her son. “See you later. Love ya.”

“Love you too ma.” He ended the call. ‘What to do about Linda? What?’ he thought. ‘She’s not going to let me leave. She’s got my mom as an ally. What’s next? My friends at the gym? At work?’

His phone beeped, this time alerting him to a text message.

‘I’m cooking Italian style tomorrow, spaghetti and meatballs. Stop by at 8:00. After we eat… me love you long time. Just kidding. See you then. Linda.’

Darren lowered his head as he reread the message. He went to bed and lay down, putting the phone beside him. The injuries stopped throbbing. He pondered how beautiful Linda looked when she opened the door last night. He remembered how fast she brought him to climax with just her mouth. His mom was right, he should keep her. He just didn’t like the biting.

‘Pasta is my favorite. I’ll have wine with it instead of tea,’ he texted back.

‘Great! I’ll see you then. We’ll have a nice time,’ she responded.

Darren got up, dressed, and headed to the Pharmacy for his mom. “When I get to mom, I guess I’ll find out what Kongnamool and Bulgogi taste like,” he said, heading out the door.


A/N:    This story idea came from a casual conversation about what men would tolerate in a relationship. I say in this one he has the power to make changes. He just hasn’t figured it out yet.      What do you think?

Copyright © 2018 Darnell Cureton. All Rights Reserved.

  One thought on “Bite

  1. Tatum O.
    September 1, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    A great read….This was actually a funny story and entertaining


  2. inkbiotic
    May 18, 2018 at 1:26 am

    I think he should run! It sounds like she wants something a lot more scary than he does. That’s not her fault, people are different, but if he changed their relationship to what he wants, she won’t be happy. Run!

    Great story though

    Liked by 1 person

    • May 18, 2018 at 2:10 am

      My thought was he is in an unwanted S&M relationship. Options are: Yes run! or try to control the biting. I’m on the fence with this. Thanks for the feedback.

      Liked by 1 person

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