Dark Market

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He tried to hold back a sneeze in the living room. Light from double sash six over six windows revealed airborne dust particles from a 70ish style popcorn ceiling.

“It’s time for a new computer,” Oliver told his friend, nose itching. A sneeze came, adding more particulate in the stale room.

“This thing is seven or more years old. The processors are too slow,” Oliver said shaking his head in disbelief while waiting for his friend’s ancient computer to boot up. “You’re not surfing the web with this thing I hope?”

“Of course not,” Frank lied, but he knew he couldn’t fool his friend for long. He was comfortable with that pc and did everything on it.

“Well, at least I renewed my anti-virus a couple weeks ago.”

“You don’t use this on your network, right?” Oliver said, asking the same question differently. Franks face heated up, turned red. He chose to remain silent.

“Tell you what, I’ve got a laptop with all the latest security features on it so you can surf with a lot more protection. I’ll personalize it for you, then bring it over tomorrow. If you like it, I’ll sell it to you for a decent price. In the meantime stay off the web with this one.” Oliver said while unplugging the old tower pc.

After Oliver left his home, Frank decided to turn on his old computer and take off his pictures, word doc with passwords and social security. From past experience, he knew Oliver would take his old reliable PC when he brought the new one. His phone played Bugs Bunny’s theme song, alerting him to an incoming text message. Nucleus Market now has some of the newest sex games, toys, and adult animation at the lowest prices. Click this link.

‘Well I’m not going to clink any links on my phone and pick up a virus, he thought.’ As an avid player of adult sex games and animation, he wanted to click the link but got a better idea. Oliver was bringing him a new computer tomorrow. Why not send this link to his old desktop? Makes sense he reasoned. If I get a virus on it, who cares? Connecting back took awhile. Oliver had disconnected the cables and unplugged it. It seemed to take forever to get it running again.

“Let’s see, instructions say I have to access the Dark Web to get to the Nucleus Market.” Following the links brought Frank to another link, which he clicked on.

Download TOR browser bundle, the next link stated. Feeling a little uneasy, he poured a scotch and soda to relax as the browser loaded. A search box popped up with a dialog box asking to type requested market or browse by category.

“Damn. What have I gotten myself into?”

Not sure what to do, he decided to browse by category. Frank forgot about the  Nucleus Market game. He typed in the search box, live sex show. Fascinated by adult chat rooms on the regular web, he hit enter. Those rooms always turned to hardcore sex talk. ‘Would this be the same, but video?’ Maybe, he thought. The hourglass pointer, spun around and around, showing a blank screen. It reminded him that he didn’t have the fastest computer.

‘Your computer has an outdated Windows XP operating system and processor, Oliver told him earlier.’

A dialog box opened with the message, to enter, please sign in using your email address. Then create a password. Frank used an old mail address he seldom used. If it gets spammed, who cares, he thought. Finally, a page opened, along with Franks gaping mouth.

Several websites in preview windows displayed live shows of several kinds. One had a naked man covered in blood pleasuring himself with a dead bird of some sort. Another had a woman tied to a bed spread-eagled, with a teen inserting objects into her open orifices. He thought, better be careful not to go into a site with underaged teens. He remembered a twilight zone themed TV series which had a man compromised with a cam on his laptop.

Frank surmised he wouldn’t have that problem with his old XP tower. It didn’t have a cam. Holding his breath, he clicked on the image of a naked woman in a room with several nude men. ‘Ahh, a gangbang. This is my speed,” he thought.’

In a bedroom was a spinning wheel with names on it. The woman gave it a twirl, and it landed on the name John. A man in the group came forward, grabbed the woman and threw her on the bed. He penetrated her roughly while someone else spun the wheel. Another man joined the couple on the king-sized bed. This went on until three men held her in position, each penetrating an orifice. More men took a turn at the wheel, then at the woman. At one point she tried to leave but was forced back on the bed. As she screamed and struggled to get away, the men restrained her hands and feet while they continued their assault on her body.

Frank was a little aroused, but that familiar feeling went away when the men beat the woman to a bloody pulp. She lay unconscious and bleeding on the bed. The men gave each other high fives as he went to make a drink. Pouring a double scotch, he heard the men say, “Be sure to click on Follow Us in the lower right-hand corner.”

“No way in hell,” Frank said. Then he watched his screen in disbelief. His pointer moved over to the right-hand corner and clicked on the Follow Us button by itself. “What the….” The glass dropped from his hand smashing to pieces on the linoleum floor. Eyes fixed on the screen, he saw a dialog box pop up. He read the words ‘Welcome Frank Muller, 218 Garwood Lane, Plainville IL. Telephone number 447-323-0163. Muller@twitter and the same for Facebook.’

White-faced, Frank sat like a stone, staring at the screen unable to move. How could someone get that information about him in a few minutes? Not knowing anything else to do he typed back.

‘Who are you?’  Frank nervously waited for a response.

‘My username is JJ_Jester773, and I own you, bitch. Next time use a VPN and not your email as a username. I have admin access to this PC and that Word doc called…passwords. You familiar with that? 

Frank took another pause, still pale-faced.

‘What’s a VPN?’ was all Frank could think of to ask.

‘You are priceless Frankie, my man,’ came the next dialog. ‘Tell you what, I’m going to do you a favor, just because you’re new here. Send five grand in bitcoins to my account, and I won’t steal your identity. Believe me, it’s a bitch putting your life back together after that.’

Frank’s hand shook like a man with advanced Parkinson’s disease. Taking a minute to weigh his options he typed a reply.

‘What’s bitcoins?’


Following the instructions from JJ_Jester773, Frank managed to find a website selling bitcoins. Creating an account, he bought 4-bitcoins. The current US Dollar cost to him was about 5,600.45. He transferred the coins to the man’s account, then waited for confirmation from JJ_Jester773.

Was this really a guy? His name certainly wasn’t Jester.

“I am such an idiot.”

Frank chastised himself.  “Should have listened to Oliver,” he said, pacing back and forth. I’ve been frugal with my money for years so this loss won’t hurt too much. Bugs Bunny chimed on his phone ‘That all folks’ notifying him he had a text message.

‘Nice doing business with you Frank. Your personal info is safe once again. See you around on the Dark Web another time.’

Frank put the phone on a glass table closing his eyes and taking a breath.

‘No, no you won’t see me around,’ Frank decided, pouring what was left of the scotch into another glass.  

“I’m not telling Oliver. Too embarrassing. And I don’t want a lecture about the danger of the Dark Web,” the words slurred from his mouth as two hard yanks pulled out the power cord and internet connection from the old tower.

“Damn it!” he muttered opening up the mini fridge next to an understocked bar.

Popping the top on a can beer he heard a new ringtone coming from his phone.

He picked up the phone to see an unfamiliar number.

“Hell..lo?’ Frank drew out the word.

“Hey, buddy. This is JJ Jester773 but you can call me JJ. I changed your ringtone. That bunny shit is for kids. And,…I accessed your phone contacts. I’m sending a copy of that video you gave a like to on the web to all your friends. For 10 grand I’ll keep this between us. What you wanna do?


Copyright © 2018 Darnell Cureton. All Rights Reserved.

  One thought on “Dark Market

  1. pennyrose88
    June 25, 2018 at 12:07 pm
  2. June 16, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    Nobody in my writing group liked Frank, but they didn’t want him swindled either. He is a nice man… with some bad habits that got him in trouble on the web. Thanks for the comment.


  3. inkbiotic
    June 16, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Wow, what a frightening story! You really drew me in. I’m not sure I liked Frank very much, but I still felt for him – a clever trick for a writer to pull off.


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