Star Trek: DSC Comic

This page is dedicated to Sonequa Martin-Green, the first woman of color to play the lead in a Star Trek Franchise. Each month I will explore things about the fascinating character they call Michael Burnham.


IDW Publishing has released the comic: Star Trek Discovery: Succession issue #1. I was excited to find out the adventure in this comic is tied to the second half of season 1; Star Trek Discovery TV series on CBS All Access.  Star Trek Comic featuring Michael Burnham

1Screenshot 2018-06-04 08.59.10

In the TV series, the relationship between Michael Burnham and Captain Lorca in the Mirror Universe was hinted at. In the comic, that mirror relationship is explored.

2Screenshot 2018-06-04 09.04.30

For those who have no idea what the Mirror Universe is: it’s a parallel universe in which good guys that look just like us, are evil. It’s ruled by the Terran Empire, a dictatorship led by an evil Emperor who believes that humans are superior to all other races, races which the Empire is dedicated to wiping out. By accident (or design) the good Burnham and the bad Burnham are in the same world. In this mirror world, to move up in rank,  you kill your superior officer and take their place as leader. This adventure story addresses the culture within that universe.

Of course, Michael Burnham good or bad version – is a Bad Ass.




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