If Vincent Used A Dating APP


This is my contribution to the WRITERS WEEKEND!

My short story character, Vincent Donati, has been separated from his wife of 15 years for 2 months. He plays a song by his favorite artist, Zac Brown Band. The song ‘Goodbye in her eyes’ depresses him so he decides in a drunken state that he should date again. He installs a dating app on his phone and PC and fills out a profile.



Name:    Vincent Donati
Height:   5’ 10’’
Looking for:    Women
Drinks? Smokes? Does Drugs?:  Drinks Socially /NoDrugs/No smoking

Religion:   Roman Catholic

My self-summary: Five years ago I was laid off from my job in Construction. At the time I had always wanted to pursue a career as an Actor, so I seized on this opportunity to have a new career. I landed a few minor character roles and a modeling job. I miss working with my hands in construction, but I love working with my mind while acting. 

What I’m doing with my life – Being the best father I can to my teenage daughter 

I’m really good at… Fixing things around the house and cooking

The first thing people notice about me –  My jet black glossy hair

Favorite movies, books, music, and food: Movies are Kill Bill and Mystic River – Books are Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Hunger Games – Favorite Music artist – Bruno Mars and Zac Brown Band Favorite Food- Lasagna with clam sauce and California Cheeseburger

The most private thing I’m willing to admit: I get depressed sometimes

I spend a lot of time thinking about… Being a famous actor

You should message me if… If you like companionship. Looking for a friend 

 Facts About Vincent, For The Reader, Who Doesn’t Know Him:

  1. How much of this profile is actually true? Self-summary is a lie. Vincent picks up odd jobs as a laborer, fairground worker, and is a con artist. He has a modeling portfolio but never modeled.  
  2. Would Vincent be picky about whose messages he responds to? Yes. He will reply to women if he thinks he will be in control of the relationship. The opposite of his relationship with his estranged wife.
  3. Would I date Vincent?- If I were female, Id date him until he showed his true nature.

The following  are real-time web messages from Vincent and a woman that read his online profile:

7:45pm -GloryB: Hello Vinnie D. Like your profile. You sound like a stand-up – take charge kind of guy. Tell me more about yourself.

7:48pm- VinnieD: Yeah, that’s me. I take charge honey. Well, I grew up in the Bronx. No sibs. Mother was born in Sicily, Dad, Bronx. Both Italian and Catholic. Tell me something about you Miss B. You know you got that JLo thing going on in your photos.

7:57pm- GloryB: Uhh, yeah. OK. What do you like to do on Saturdays?

8:00pm- VinnieD: Asking me out already? You take charge too.

8:01pm – GloryB: no. no. slow down.  Just asking what you like to do on the weekend. Any acting work or modeling?

8:15pm – VinnieD: I don’t talk much about my career. Just small parts so far. I did play a zombie extra in The Walking Dead TV series.

8:17pm -GloryB: You play a zombie in The Walking Dead?

8:25pm – VinnieD: I saaaaid… I plaaaayed… an extra. That was when I was in Atlanta.

8:27pm – GloryB: Just trying to get to know you. No need to be rude.

8:45pm – VinnieD: I’m nt rude. Jut trying t make a point.

8:47pm – GloryB: Interesting. Why does it take so long for you to answer?

9:01pm – VinnieD: Its nt log.

9:02pm – VinnieD: Not long.

9:03pm- GloryB: Are you looking at other profiles while talking to me?

9:22pm – VinnieD: I did nt know you could . Ho

9:22pm- VinnieD: How do you do that?

9:23pm – GloryB: Really? OK. I don’t want to be rude, but I’m calling it a night.

9:34pm – VinnieD: Now w hos

9:34pm – VinnieD: Whos got an attitude? f you must now

9:35pm – VinnieD: If you must know I was making a Grey Goose Bump. Vodka, OJ, and grape soda over ce. Excus m

9:35pm – VinnieD: over ice Excuse me if I took a few minutes away um

9:36pm- VinnieD: from your royal highness to make me

*** User VinnieD has been banned from User GloryB message board. All comments have been deleted  *** Access to User GloryB message board no longer permitted***

9:36pm – VinnieD: a drink.

*** User VinnieD has been banned from User GloryB message board. All comments have been deleted  *** Access to User GloryB message board no longer permitted***

9:40pm – VinnieD: Screw you two

*** User VinnieD has been banned from User GloryB message board. All comments have been deleted  *** Access to User GloryB message board no longer permitted***

Copyright © 2018 Darnell Cureton. All Rights Reserved.

Vincent deletes his account and uninstalls the app. 4 months later, he decides to try to woo his wife back in his life by setting up a romantic dinner for two on the beach at her favorite resort in Florida.  This happens in the first installment of the Vincent series called Beach Invitation






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  1. July 11, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    He sounds like such an interesting character!


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