Fan Fiction Discussion On Amp

Tomorrow I will talk about “Woody,” my fan fiction on the Amp platform. Don’t know Amp? Amp is a mobile app that allows you to create live radio shows. You can play DJ, create a playlist to jam, or you can have listeners call in. I play music, and talk about writing, and writing encouragement. Amp is still in beta and only on iOS devices. When Android access will become available I don’t know.

I’m an avid Android user, waiting patiently for Amp to share the fun on Android. But for now, anyone with a new Amazon Echo Device (not the 1st generation) can have access to AMP, without a user ID!! – All you have to do is tell your device “Alexa, play Amp!” and the Amp radio will start to play the first show in the queue. If you are looking for me say, “Alexa, play Fictionista!” It will say “Okay” and start playing.

If Alexa can’t get it right or plays the wrong show, just say “Alexa, next!” Note: currently you can only skip forward so if you want to go back to a previous live show, you have to stop the device and start over. I provided an audio sample of how that’s done below. When Alexa finds my show, she will say something like “Playing Fictionista.” Remember this will be a live show, so asking for me will only work during actual show times. Test it out so you’ll be familiar with how it works. I’m not sure if it will work in the UK due to music copyright laws.

To listen to Amp say – “Alexa, Play Amp!”- to move forward say – “Alexa, next!”

Show Creations Start Here

Below are samples of one of my Amp broadcasts. The music has been limited and the audio quality is not the best, but you will get an idea of the content. If you create a user account, I can be found by searching niteriter365. My profile will have scheduled Amp broadcasts and the topic for discussion. Creating an account is easy. If you need help refer to my last post about Amp. I go into more detail on how to start up.

Sample Amp show pt.1
Sample Amp show pt. 2
Sample Amp show pt. 3
Sample Amp show pt. 4

If you have access to Spotify, you can listen to a playlist I pull songs from for my Amp show.

Release Your Inner DJ

I try to capture the show each week on a digital audio file to learn and correct future mistakes. It’s probably best not to post an hour + Amp broadcast, but if you’d like a copy, e-mail a request to NiteRiter365 will send you one.

  One thought on “Fan Fiction Discussion On Amp

  1. August 17, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    Have you been enjoying your experience so far?

    Liked by 1 person

    • August 17, 2022 at 11:48 pm

      Its been good overall. The negative is the app is only on iOS and has beta glitches. The Sunday morning time slot limits my followers but that is the time I can commit to. I have in effect, a good broadcast, but few listeners.

      Liked by 1 person

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